Dear Mr. Out Of My League,

I miss you but you are not mine so I can’t tell you. ‘Seems you just happen to pass me by that week.

Braaa, why do you have to make me feel like a girly girl? Why do you have to say things that can make my heart flutter? I spent my one whole Saturday in bed exchanging messages and photos with you. I didn’t even mind our reply time gap. *Sigh!

I am half cynical, half go-to-a-place-called-hope kind of person and was really torn all the while in our conversation. It’s hard for me to believe that somebody – especially the likes of you – was making time to talk to me.

My walls were too high (ever since) while my esteem was to low but I was willing to give it a try you know! Errr, I mean probably.

And then you disappeared. It’s just so sad. 😦

I still miss you though.


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