Day 249 of 365: Regrets, I’ve had a few

365 days writing prompt challenge

6-Sep: Regrets, I’ve had a few

“What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been different if you’d made another decision?”

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post it on the day. Good thing I prepared something else and helped me do the trick.

So regrets… This feels like Groundhog day.

May I quote Ms. Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up Maria Venus Raj, Philippines representative.

“There is nothing major, major, I mean problem I have done in my life…”

Image result for venus raj miss universe 2010

So far, in my 24 years of existence in this world I have always acted responsible. I may have been crazy stupid and sometimes impulsive specially when with friends but I make sure it does not make me look immoral or have my actions hurt and reflect on how my parents brought me up. I know fun and even fun have its limits too. It’s like having freedom without going overboard.


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