Day 247 of 365: I am a rock

365 days writing prompt challenge

4-Sep: I am a rock

“Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you
prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?”

My answer, ‘It is easy but…’

I have my family that supports and help me with my decision making. I have friends to talk and listen to. I have random people in social media whom I can share my problems and getting unbiased responses. But,


And that is my problem, my pride. I don’t want to owe anybody else as much as I could. I always have a pre-judgment towards people who offer help except my family and some friends. I am cynical. I can’t help it. Plus I don’t want people remunerating what they’ve done for me later on. I hate that it gets to me.

I want to overcome it though.


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