Today I want to…|02

Time check, it’s already 7:13 pm in my world.

Just now, I want to be a person who does something worthwhile.

I was talking to my little auntie and asked her about how she’s doing with her job and I can imagine the opportunities that can come along her way in her chosen field – unlike mine.

This talk has been going on for a year now. She is stressed but happy with the people she’s working with. I, on the other hand, not that I’m ungrateful but I just sit on my desk from an 8 to 6 job. It would have been better if I’m familiar with the industry I’m in but I’m not and worse, the company executives doesn’t let me IN on the company status. My sister said

it’s like you are there just for clerical.”

Nice isn’t it? That was a pun.

I console myself, where I’m best at, that it is better this way. I mean to start from nothing and slowly gain knowledge and experience by my own. Self-taught. Self-feed. Self-understanding. Baby steps.

It’s over a year already and I’m still working blind about our projects though I’m sure there are politics inside. How do I know? I’m not dumb. I just play safe. I nod in front of them and silently curse their ways. I don’t react because it doesn’t concern me.

But back to what I want to be, I want to do something fulfilling. I don’t wish to be in the corporate ladder. I want to be with people. People whom I can talk to, can dine out, can laugh about. I want to be in a team of fun people. So I wouldn’t feel like working. I want that at the end of the day I am content.


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