WPC: 06|Elemental|My World

Challenge date: August 9,2017

Elemental. This week I put 2 photos in 1.

Half of it is the concrete jungle (top) where I earn my keep. Half of it is where I want to be, by the sea.

I grew up in a tropical country and blessed to be in a city that has a lot of waterforms it can offer. I am in my happiest when I get to visit places like in the bottom half of the picture. I feel relaxed and refreshed. Carefree.

However, life has something else for me. Though I can stay and still enjoy my city I chose to leave and work out of the country to challenge myself how I would be away from my comfort zone.

So now, both of them are my element.

I’ve been using this photo in my twitter account for more than a year now, see @guilmarkines.



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