Maasinhon in UAE: Fiesta Celebration 2017

Hey there my blog. Today I’m gonna write about what I did with my Friday time-off.

One week ahead my sister told me that we’re going to attend a Hat Party with some far relatives and friends of and from my father’s side. This would be my first time to join any Maasinhon event in UAE. My sister already met a few more than a year ago.

I actually didn’t know the details of the event. Not the time nor the exact reason behind the gathering. I was literally letting myself be tagged along. Turns out that my sister knew but skipped or probably forgot to inform me. Anyways, informed or not, I was still going.

Program starts at 9 a.m. We reached the venue just in time but did not get in because we were waiting for one ‘ate’ coming all the way from Abu Dhabi.

We joined at 12 p.m.. We missed the introduction and voting of new officers (which I learned later on when people started posting pictures in the Maasinhon group) and jumped right in during picture taking.


(that’s me in white, left side)…

There we met one cousin whom we didn’t know exist.

Clark. My sister Eunice in the middle. And me.

We didn’t grow up in Maasin, So. Leyte but my father did. We sort of represent him. Some of the guests knew our father. 🙂

Moving on, after a few snaps here-and-there we went to grab some lunch – where the fiesta spirit is. Food! Yayyy!

On a serious note, the essence of this gathering is to bond and get to know the people back home here in the foreign land. It is thoughtful that there are group of people who welcomes you even if they barely know you.

For a first timer, I did not feel out of place. People were accommodating and they really take time to talk or entertain you.

Happy fiesta again Maasinhon. To next time.

Venue: Asiana Hotel, Dynasty Ballroom

Lunch: Sonamu

P. S: Some photos not mine. Credits to owner.

Update: We were printed on the news.


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