Unrequited Love

Originally posted in tumblr.
Date: July 24, 2016



Brave is the person who loves another soul so much whether deserved or undeserved without getting any in return.

This by far, is one of the strongest kind of love I now know next to God and moms’ or the parental. This is that kind of love that let’s you experience an indescribable pain of being hurt by the one you love but don’t love you back in return.

To: the-mister-i-talked-less-than-five-minutes-and-only-met-once

I couldn’t quite get over you yet as this is my third letter but I’m getting there. I know I am. I know because I’m no longer affected when listening to Silent Sanctuary and Fetty Wap’s songs, DJ Snake’s Middle, Troye Sivan’s for him and Post Malone’s White Iverson. It just doesn’t fit anymore. I try hard to re-live the days but they’re not coming back, I mean me being stuck-up on you is no longer stuck-up on you. I usually go straight to the washroom when I reach the office to stare myself for long in the mirror until I’ll have a short breakdown and deep sighs but I grew tired and stopped. And if before, in the evening, I sleep late just to stalk you, your friends, and mother now I don’t.

Lately, I also wished for the bus to slow down so I can have more moments creating scenario of us in my head but I think no fairy heared me. The travel only become shorter.

Somehow I realized that what I’m trying to do was an act of masochism. The joy in pain knowing that no matter how I insist myself I know that I don’t exist in your world.



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