My Hollywood Chick Flicks List

Hey guys, so I just finished watching an 80’s film and was inspired to make an open blog entry suggestion of list of romantic movies for your do-nothing day or marathon during sleep-over. Open blog because I will be adding more as time goes by. 

These are listed according to my memory and in no particular order.

1. Sixteen Candles.This is the movie I meant in the introduction. 

Rated 7.2/10 by IMDb and 86% in Rotten Tomatoes. Directed by John Hughes. It’s roughly about 99 minutes run.

It all began when Sam’s family forgotten about her birthday and her trying to make the day better. She might have answered a sex quiz which was supposed to be passed on by her best friend to the person who made the it but since she was sleeping, Jake Ryan,  who sat behind them took the paper that she purposely drop on the floor.

I feel in love with the character of Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling) because who wouldn’t? He is an eye-candy and a great guy. Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald) can agree to that. Farmer Ted (Anthony Michael Hall) along with the other geek friends – one being John Cusack – also put a good laugh in this film. A really good one.

What I love about the movie? Hmm.. the fact that Jake did not take advantage of Sam despite knowing her crush towards him.


2. Keith.

A film released in the year 2008 lead by one of my favorite singer and childhood crush, Jesse McCartney. Rated 7.2/10 by IMDb.

Probably cliché in the beginning where a popular yet academically inclined girl, Natalie Anderson (Elizabeth Harnois), went to school and met a carefree boy, Keith Zetterstrom. The usual annoyed-at-first then liking the boy later on happened BUT progresses more when she learned as to why Keith acts as a rebel.

What I love about the movie? Well, my answer would be a spoiler but it’s quite similar to A Walk To Remember. Just quite. P.S: I didn’t know Jesse could act. I have watched the film one-time only, year 2011, but I still remembered it. That’s got to be something.



3. Notting Hill.

Yayy! I’m sure most of us girls went through a phase daydreaming about meeting a celebrity and falling in love in the process – minus the drama – but instead of the guy as the celebrity and the girl as just the normal girl, it’s the other way around in this movie. Starred by the million dollar smile Julia Roberts, and Hugh Grant.


What I love about the movie? The soundtrack. Aaand probably because it became the mother movie of the now cliche nobody-meets-a-famous plot (correct me if I’m  wrong). Going back to the soundtrack, it’s just  so romantic…When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating. It was perfect for the scene.

4. The Notebook.

It’s a classic. To be honest I just watched it very recently (Aug. 3, 2017) but I’ve read the book about 8 years ago. Why only now? Because I don’t want to compare the film adaptation. Clearly it did not disappoint. I cried in the movie too but not as much in the book. I strongly recommend you to read the book before the film. As I recall, my eyes were puffy and I have my blanket wet from tears and watery snot after reading it. It took me days to move on.

The book-turned-movie was written by American novelist Nicholas Sparks. Most of his craft and as far as I’ve observed – not to spoil you or what – he goes for tragic theme.

It starts off in the carnival one summer night that leads to a romance which was unfortunately short-lived because of social differences. Over time it still proved to be a one of a kind love story. The characters were portrayed by as Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton

What I love about the movie? Loving without assurance that the person will come back or not. Recognize you or not. Love is patient.

5. A Walk To Remember.

Another Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie that was a great success and still one of the most-watched till date even if it was released 15 years ago (2002).

This has tragic theme too and for me it’s the inspiration of the film #2, Kieth.


Set in high school where Landon Carter (Shane West) was forced to participate in the school play in order not to face expulsion after being in trouble with his friends. He is paired to the female lead Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) known as the goody two shoes in the school, daughter of a pastor. Landon did not take the punishment seriously but later on felt sorry for his actions and asked help from Jamie in one condition…


Landon failed miserably though…

What I love about the movie? One of the soundtrack, Only Hope, and the undeniable reel and real chemistry of the two. Note that they are still single now (2017) and they have communication in Instagram also through the author himself. Bless my ship to sail.

On a serious note, love is a miracle in this story. With little time we have on earth we still get to enjoy what life can offer to us only if we look at it positively and if we put God as the center of our relationship.


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