First Geocaching Experience

Date: July 21, 2017

Hey you! To those who have no idea what Geocaching means let me give you a brief description of it before I share our adventure today.

Geocaching is a game of treasure hunting using a GPS. Treasure but not necessarily gold like in history. People who plays it are called geocachers. Click here for Geocache101*.

The hunt is the cache, it is a waterproof container in various sizes depending on the person who placed the cache with items inside most importantly the logbook. The logbook is where geocachers write their names and date when they found it. Luckily, if container is large there is a great chance that there will be items inside for trade or trackables especially if you are the #FTF (First to Find).

However, when you get to GZ (Ground Zero) as per the coordinates but still do not found anything chances are the cache was stolen or found by muggles.

Note: You have to return the cache the same place where it was found for the next cachers.

So after giving the basic of Geocache I’mma proceed how me and my sister’s first geocache adventure went.

Our location is in Dubai and currently summer season. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

We planned it or rather I introduced it to her a week ahead after re-reading it The Cellphone Swap story in wattpad.


My sister found it interesting and give in to my whims probably because during the weekends we just stay in our room holed up in our mobile phones. She bought little things for the trade and I prepared stickers too.



We woke up around 9 am and started walking our way 43°C out to the nearest cache at exactly 10 am.

Geocache: Giant’s backyard

In the app it says from the metro (train) it’ll take about 15 minutes walk. But no it didn’t. There was a road construction on-going which leave us to re-route.


We’re almost there…Yayy!

checking the coordinates

See that jogging track in the picture? That was one hint that the cache is just around the corner.

We walked further and found a box at the beginning/end of the track and remembered we haven’t got a pen. We could have borrowed from a guard but he was not in his post and that would just raise a question from him as to what we’re doing.

I and my sister decided to go back only to realize when we were halfway to the bookstore that there could have been a pen inside the box left by fellow cachers.😆 Now to the funny part… We got the pen and got the smug on our faces confident that the box we saw was the cache – easy cache – but when I picked it up and took a closer look it was instead a rat trap. 🤣🤣🤣 I put it back and we both had a laugh before re-checking the hint comments of the said cache.


We moved over to the rock. Circling round. Stomp parted the grass. My feet was white with the soil. We looked back and forth but couldn’t found anything. The cache was lost resulting to me messaging the owner of the cache and logging it as #DNF (Did Not Find). Our assumption was either taken by the maintenance or muggled. More on the former.

It was still a good try though I mean me and my sister being out in the flat and doing something new for the weekend. We will definitely try our luck somewhere else next time.

Geocaching is fun!

P. S: My sister was not picture ready. Haha!




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