Travel 02: 16 Hours Hongkong Layover,What to do?

Travel Date: May 02, 2017

From: Cebu

ETD: 2005H

Author’s note: This is my return flight layover. Check the link of my layover from Duabi to Cebu.

10 Hours Layover in Hong Kong, What to do?

I purposely booked a flight with long layover to side trip, taking advantage of the no-visa needed for Philippine passport holder in Hong Kong.

Travel time from Cebu to Hong Kong was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Days before my flight back to reality I was already planning where I would go next. My target was Mongkok but my time of arrival is very late and add the immigration process again. I can still stroll though but stalls might be closed or already closed and that would just defeat my purpose of visiting the market. 😦

I spent my night or rather my 8 hours crouching in an airport bench with my hand carry bag as pillow and jacket as blanket. I could stay in a hotel but I’m on an tight budget so..




I left airport at 7:20 am after changing my shirt and a little freshening up. :))

If you read my first layover story and recall the tourist information center on the right side of that is the bus station.

wp-image--1182805932 wp-image--8369849

According to my research the I shall take the S1 bus to Tung Chung and drop off at Tung Chung Center (or you can get taxi).

If you chose the former make sure you purchased an octopus card. The one-way trip cost 3.50 HKD.

This is the S1 bus stop.
This is the interior of S1. I’m in the upper deck.

I’ve passed by the Expo hall where the famous Goblin, Gong Yoo, recently had an event.

Expo Hall
 The Cathay ground.
The Cable Car pick-up/drop-off point.

*The Cable Car pick-up/drop off was currently not available that time. Do check before you visit when this is now operational.

 and the Tung Chung Swimming Pool…1 stop away from Tung Chung center.

In front of the bus stop is this beautiful building

I reached Tung Chung 7:35 a.m.

They said bus 23 will take forever. I stood waiting for 30 minutes when people in the shed come and go.

I decided to google the terminal. I was in the wrong place. Maybe that’s why it took forever.

I walked further and found what I was looking for. BUS 23. Good thing I was able to join the first batch of trips. Fare was 17.20 HKD per way and half fare if child or age 60 above. We left at 8:25 am.

The connecting trip to Ngong Ping could take up to one hour but the view will fill you in. The 2-way road by the way was too small for the buses and sometimes steep.



Sadly I was not able to save the video where the road just got fogged.
We have arrived at 9:05 am.

Photo of the entrance

I took my breakfast first in the store found just left of the entrance.

I ordered noodle with dumpling (or you can pair it with meat/squid/fishballs too) with a mug of coffee. It cost me 62 HKD. You can go 22 HKD less without the coffee.

It taste way way better than the one I had in Kowloon. Sorry!

Now I’m full it’s time to roll.

Big Buddha view from the ground.
Tree park
Souvenir shops which sells incense stick
In the middle the one with flags facing the Buddha is where other people pray.

We are now at the foot of the 268 steps stairs.

You won’t get tired going up because of the stops when the person in front of you is praying or taking pictures too.

Here’s a panorama view below. You can even see the temple from here.

The 6 Devas offering, 3 on the right and another 3 on the left.




After a quick round from the top and taking in the view and fresh air I went back down to stroll other areas and light my incense as well.

(Another gate.)
Tea park where people gather.
and this is one of the places where we offer the incense
The locals are very devoted.

Following the people around me I found another entrance and there are temples inside.


koi pond
except this..It’s probably their office or quarters

I think this one below is the main temple

Look at that brother who bathe the little buddha.

Time check: 11 am

Next stop, Ngong Ping Village.

Here are array of shops and activity booths and by the end of the village are the cafe’s and restaurants.

Ngong Ping Village and Po Lin Monastery are different but are situated next to each other. Just a few walks away.

people’s wishes
Souvenir shop

Activity studio.


I know everybody gets tired at some point. Below is a bench where you can have a quick break. Excuse my face.

or if you wanna go to the loo and prep-up a bit, it’s just behind the butterfly.

But if you feel like going home, bus terminal is just on the other side of the village. You can see a big circle, if I remember well, just opposite the activity studio. Take the same bus codes to return back to airport.


7 hours sleep,

1 hour freshening up,

5 hours gala,

another 3 hours waiting game.

I had fun Po Lin and Ngong Ping.


P.S: For first time solo travel experience I’m glad I was not lost, literally speaking, in Hongkong.

Maybe I will visit Mongkok in the next layover.

Tip: Book a flight that arrives at noon. They said Mongkok starts the festive vibe after 12 nn. 🙂

***Bonus photos:


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