10 Hours Layover in Hong Kong, What to do?

Originally posted in tumblr. Travel Date: April 08, 2017. Dubai to Hongkong.

*Author’s note: Sharing as much as I could remember.

First things first, go straight to immigration for access to the country. You will sign an arrival card like below that are available in the booth. It only took me 30 minutes.

Note: Not all passport holder can easily get past immigration and acquire the transit visa. Some nationality will be asked to provide supporting documents for their passport. Look up IATA Travel Centre online to know the requirements for your country of origin. You must do this before booking a flight.


arrival card

After immigration next thing I did was to buy sim card. I was flying alone and have no contact in Hongkong so I needed google in my life. I got the CSL card – I’m sure their are other provider but this one is recommended by the saleslady in 7/11.

For those who can’t wait to share their experiences or want to go live in social media you should have this.


CSL sim card

It cost me 48 HKD with the same amount of regular airtime in it. Airtime is valid for 30 days so if your return date is within the validity and you have another long layover then you can still use it.

I converted my airtime to a day of unlimited data access at 18 HKD rate with calls and text already. Data speed was so fast. No buffer.

Here’s a picture of my touchdown. ü

At the back is the tourist information desk which opens at 5:30 am. I bought a round-trip train ticket from Airport to Hongkong Central and vice versa for 100 HKD.

Note: You have to return same day.

I left the airport at 5:54 am and passed by Tsing Yi and Kowloon station.

Below are the photos of the airport link interior.

It took about 30-35 minutes to reach Hongkong Central station. I exited at B1 door looking for the 15C bus station to Lower Ground Peak Terminus but couldn’t find it so I roam around a bit.

When tired I hailed taxi to the peak. Taxi was 73.5 HKD but because we went OVER the peak. Usually the driver sits on the left but in Hongkong, its the opposite.

I reached the peak site by 7:40 am and it was still close. While waiting I saw this Peak Lookout cafe and the steady tram wagon. The management knew that majority of the visitors would want a picture of the tram so they placed one old wagon outside.

At 8:00 am I entered the building and there were more shops and cafes inside.

Those little buns are popularly known as eggetes. While one cafe with old model tv is stickered with famous Chinese personalities including Bruce Lee.

Trivia: One of Bruce Lee’s top grossing movie was Enter The Dragon

Moving on, there are also other shops in the upper floors that I did not take photo of but includes clothing and jewelry store, candy, restaurants and other souvenir shops.

Before coming to Hongkong I’ve read so many blogs and one said…

You haven’t been to Hong Kong if you haven’t visited the Peak”.

I advice you guys to go there around 10:00 am or 11:00 am because it’s just too foggy at 8:00 am.

That time, they have this gimmick of a huge heart where you can hang your message in a heart-shaped paper. Click link for video → https://youtu.be/ZsjdRyGee0E

(By the way, you can also view Hong Kong at Wild Cafe just next to Peak Tram.) 


Wild Cafe

And now we go ride the tram back down to Central.

Single tickets are sold at 32 HKD. There’s a round-trip ticket with terrace access available too which cost less rather than buying them separately but because of the bus situation earlier I wasn’t able to take advantage of it. 😦

Click me to see video of the Victoria Harbour while in the tram.

Tip: Sit on the left when going back to the Lower Terminus if you want to record the view.

Once at the Lower Terminus I walked to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier 7 in Central pier. I passed by a Dingding route and saw cable wires in the street, the park where Filipinos gather on Sunday, the Observation wheel (again), IFC-International Financial Center and HKG Maritime Museum.

It was quite a walk.

Next stop, Kowloon…

From Central pier you will pay a token for 3.40 HKD (if you wanna go back to Central that is) from the slot machine.

The ferry ride only took less than 10 minutes and I reached the Harbour City, TST, Kowloon.

There are luxurious brands EVERYWHERE.. bags, cosmetics, designer clothes, glasses..everything!

My main reason for coming to TST was to look for food – the local ones but as I went hunting I saw something interesting – a sex toy store and sex magazine stand.

Kowloon is definitely alive and full of colors.

Back to the food talk, I ordered seaweed noodle soup with 4 different seafood balls for 60 HKD. The serving was too much for a single person.


I was actually expecting street food but I was in the wrong place, I should have been in Mongkok. Maybe next time.

Also in Kowloon is where you can find the Avenue of the Stars, Symphony of the Lights, Hong Kong museum and Clock Tower. Sadly, I can’t stay for Symphony of the Lights because I have a flight to catch going to Cebu.

Clock tower.

I went back to Central, same route, this time in the lower deck. It was packed.

Time check: Already past 11:00 am. There’s fruit market now in the footbridge.

Bonus: My sister just arrived in the Central Station. We have 5 hours flight difference so she’ll have to spend the night in Hongkong while I will be on my way to Philippines.

Here she is… the face.. 😀


I returned shortly to airport at 1:00 pm and was bound to Cebu at 4:20 pm. I make it 3 hours early because I have to pass by frisking and immigration and who knows if there’s a long queue or not.

Hope you can I was able to give you ideas on your layover.

See you on my 16 Hours Hongkong Layover next time. :))

Summary of expenses in HKD currency:

48 HKD – CSL Sim valid for 30 days. Convert airtime for 1 day data access at 18 HKD.

100 HKD – Round-trip train ticket from Airport to Hongkong Central. Remember to return same day.

73.5 HKD – Taxi fare to The Peak. Could have been less with if we did not go beyond the destination. Or if I did not get lost and was able to take the bus. Good stroll in the city anyway.

50 HKD – Sky Terrace entrance ticket

*30 HKD – Ref magnet souvenir. (optional)

32 HKD – Tram single ride ticket. You can get it for less if you book it together with the Sky Terrace entrance.

3.40 HKD – Round trip boat ride token to Kowloon and vice versa. Lower deck or upper deck it doesn’t matter. No one will check.

60 HKD – that noodle food.

Total: 396.90 HKD. It cost me less because I did not buy much food plus attractions are next to each other.

Places I’ve visited:

1 HongKong Central (HKG Observation Wheel, Central Park, HKG Financial Centre, HKG Maritime Museum)

2 The Peak ( The Peak Galleria, Victoria Peak and Peak Tram are in one place)

3 Victoria Harbour (the boat ride)

4 Kowloon (Kowloon Park and Free Walk is just nearby. It is also were you can see the Symphony of the Lights but I came there at noon.)

5 Clock Tower (from afar)


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